Work Area and Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies

Paper grocery Bag labeled “Trash”
Paper grocery Bag labeled “Soiled Linens”
Paper grocery Bag labeled “Items to be Disinfected”
10-15 Paper towels
2 oz. Barbicide concentrate labeled “EPA Disinfectant”
8 oz. Spray bottle labeled “EPA Disinfectant”
8 oz. Hand Sanitizer (with mfg labels)
Cotton Towel (16″ x 27″)
3 Neck Strips
8 oz Spray bottle for water (empty)

Thermal Curling

15-20 End Papers (to test iron)
2 Straight Combs
Cotton Towel (16″ x 27″)
6 Duck billed Clips
Thermal Curling Iron (not provided)


Razor with Guard
Shampoo Comb
4 Butterfly clips
2 Straight Combs

Work Area and NEW Client Preparation, and Set Up of Supplies

(Chemical Waving, Predispostion Test and Strand Test, Highlighting with Foil, Virgin
Application, Hair Color Retouch, Virgin Relaxer)
4 oz. jar labeled “Hair Color” (Gel)
4 oz. jar labeled “Relaxer” (Gel)
4 oz. jar labeled “Hair Lightener” (Gel)
5 Cotton Towels (16″ x 27″)
8 Straight Combs
4 Rat Tail Combs
5 Tint brushes
12 perm rods
12 Butterfly Clips
4 oz. bottle of “Wave Lotion” (water)
8-12 Foil Sheets
5 pair vinyl gloves
Processing Cap
Disposable Elastic Head Band
5 Large Wood Spatulas
3 neck strips
2 18″ cotton rope
0.5 oz. jar of Protective Cream
25-30 End Papers
3 Small Spatulas

Blood Exposure Procedure

2 pair vinyl gloves
2 Band aids
Gauze pad
2 Antiseptic wipes
First Aid tape
2 Labeled “Blood Exposure” biohazard bags
Labeled for bio hazard

Hair Removal of the Eyebrows Using Soft Simulated Wax

Cotton Towel (16 x27)
6 Antiseptic Wipes
5 Small Spatulas
Esti Wipes (15-20)
2 Butterfly Clips
5 Cotton Balls
2 Pair Vinyl Gloves
Disposable Elastic Head Band
3 Neck Strips
10-15 Epilating Strips ( 1″ x 3″)
1 oz. jar simulated wax (honey)
0.50 oz. jar Wax Remover Product
1 oz. jar Post Epilation Product
1 oz. Bottle Astringent

Sculptured Nail

Cotton Towel (16 x27)
Nail File 100/180 Grit
1 Buffer Blocks
1 Dappen Dishes
4 Orangewood Sticks
Acrylic Nail Brush
5 Cotton balls
Acrylic Nail Kit (odorless powders, liquids and primer, forms and brush)
Nail Clippers
Nail Glue
1 Set of Nail Tips
1 oz bottle of Non-Acetone Nail polish remover